Who needs a visa? And how to apply for it?

Normally, you need a visa to China. You can go to the embassy/consulate of P. R. China in your country to find out whether you need a visa to China and how to apply for it.

How to get an invitation letter for visa?

You may need an invitation letter for requesting a visa. If you need one, please follow the instruction below to request an invitation letter.

First, log in to your JACoW profile, and click submit button when you see this question:

Then you will be in the list of requesting an invitation letter. Update your affiliation if necessary. We'll prepare the invitation letter based on that.


Based on what country you live in, the invitation letter for VISA has different requirments, the embassy/consulate of China in your country may need the invitation letter conatins some of your personal information (passport no., date of birth, etc.). If you have any of these requests, please provide those information to Ms. Weijing Mu as soon as possible (because the application for VISA may take weeks) and we will prepare it for you.