Contributed Oral Presentations

Circular and Linear Colliders

Proton-nucleus Collisions in the LHC
John M. Jowett, CERN

The vSTORM Facility
Ao Liu, Fermilab

Simulations and Measurements of Cleaning with 100MJ Beams in the LHC
Stefano Redaelli, CERN


Synchrotron Light Sources and FELs

Current Status of PAL-XFEL Project
Heung-Sik Kang, PAL

ILSF, A Third Generation Light Source Laboratory in Iran
Javad Rahighi, IPM

ESRF Upgrade Phase II
Jean-Luc Revol, ESRF

X-ray Spectra and Peak Power Control with iSASE
Juhao Wu, SLAC

Short X-ray Pulse Generation by Electron Beam Slicing
Li-Hua Yu, BNL

Generation of the Polarization Controllable Free-electron Laser at Dalian Coherent Light Source
Tong Zhang, SINAP

Particle Sources and Alternative Acceleration Techniques

JEMMRLA - Electron Model of a Muon RLA with Multi-pass Arcs
Alex Bogacz, JLAB

The PEPPo Concept for a Polarized Positron Source
Eric Jean-Marie Voutier, LPSC

Intense Beam Ion Sources Development at IMP
Liangting Sun, IMP

Argonne Wakefield Accelerator (AWA): A Facility for the Development of High Gradient Accelerating Structures and Wakefield Measurements
Manoel Conde, ANL

SPARC_LAB Recent Results
Massimo Ferrario, INFN/LNF

Quasi Traveling Wave Side Couple RF Gun for SuperKEKB
Takuya Natsui, KEK

Hadron Accelerators

The KOMAC Accelerator Facility
Yong-Sub Cho, KAERI

Development of a Low-energy Heavy-ion Storage Ring Facility at KACST
Mohamed El Ghazaly, KACST

The Installation and Start of Commissioning of the 1.1 MW Deuteron Prototype Linac for IFMIF
Juan Knaster, IFMIF/EVEDA

Project X Injector Experiment: Goals, Plan and Status
Alexander V. Shemyakin, Fermilab

High Intensity Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility (HIAF) in China
Jiancheng Yang, IMP

Design Integration of the FRIB Driver Linac
Yan Zhang, FRIB

Beam Dynamics and Electromagnetic Fields

Experimental Observations of a Multi-stream Instability in a Long Intense Beam
Brian Louis Beaudoin, UMD

Beam Coupling Impedance Localization Technique Validation and Measurements in the CERN Machines
Nicolo Biancacci, CERN

THz Electron-pulse-train Dynamics in a MeV Photo-injector
Fu Han Chao, NTHU

Recent Results from CesrTA Intrabeam Scattering Investigations
Michael Paul Ehrlichman, CLASSE

CSR-driven Longitudinal Single Bunch Instability Thresholds
Peter Kuske, BESSY GmbH

Studies on One S Band Bunching System with Hybrid Buncher
Shilun Pei, IHEP

Transverse-to-longitudinal Emittance Exchanger at Fermilab’s Advanced Superconducting Test Accelerator
Christopher Robert Prokop, Northern Illinois University

Single Particle Tracking for Simultaneous Long and Short Electron Bunches in the BESSY II Storage Ring
Martin Ruprecht, HZB

Intra-beam Scattering Study for Low Emittance of BAPS
Saike Tian, IHEP

Instrumentation, Controls Feedback and Operational Aspects

In Vacuum High Accuracy Mechanical Positioning System of Nano Resolution Beam Position Monitor at the Interaction Point of ATF2
Philip Bambade, LAL

Ultra-fast Data Acquisition System for Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Based on Superconducting Terahertz Detectors
Michele Caselle, KIT

Fast Orbit Feedback Scheme and Implementation for Taiwan Photon Source
Pei-Chen Chiu, NSRRC

Commissioning of the X-band Transverse Deflector for Femtosecond Electron/x-ray Pulse Length Measurements at LCLS
Yuantao Ding, SLAC

Phase Space Tomography Research at Daresbury
Kai Meng Hock, Cockcroft Institute

Laser Wire Based Parallel Profile Scan of H- Beam at the Superconducting Linac of Spallation Neutron Source
Yun Liu, ORNL

A Pepper-pot Based Device for Diagnostics of the Single-shot Beam
Shi Xiang Peng, PKU/IHIP

Recent Developments of Novel Beam Diagnostics at the ESRF
Kees Bertus Scheidt, ESRF

Design of Phase Feed Forward System in CTF3 and Performance of Fast Beam Phase Monitors
Piotr Krzysztof Skowronski, CERN

Accelerator Technology and Main Systems

Results of an Experiment on Hydrodynamic Tunnelling at the SPS HiRadMat High Intensity Proton Facility
Juan Blanco, CERN

Multiple Function Magnet Systems for MAX IV
Franz Bødker, Danfysik A/S

Pathway to a Post Processing Increase in Q0 of SRF Cavities
Oliver Kugeler, HZB

Recent Progress on the Development of a High Gradient RF System using High Impedance Magnetic Alloys, FT3L
Chihiro Ohmori, KEK

Study on Fabrication of Superconducting RF 9-cell Cavity for ILC at KEK
Takayuki Saeki, KEK

Temperature Waves in SRF Research
Nicholas Ruben Alexander Valles, CLASSE

Manufacturing of the First of Series SIS100 Dipole Magnet
Wolfgang Walter, BNG

Dual Chip in Single Module Solid-state Power Amplifier Design for Compact Transmitter Architecture
Tsung-Chi Yu, NSRRC

Simulation and Experiment Study of Plasma Window

Applications of Accelerators

Secondary Neutron Production from Patients during Hadron Therapy and their Radiation Risks: the Other Side of Hadron Therapy
Mohammad Anwar Chaudhri, University of Erlangen-Nuernberg

100 MeV/100kW Electron Linear Accelerator Driver of the NSC KIPT Neutron Source
Andrey Yurij Zelinsky, NSC/KIPT

Development of the Dielectric Wall Accelerator for Proton Beam Therapy
Anthony Zografos, CPAC